Monday, August 10, 2009

Should've posted this a while ago...

I finished this a good month or two ago, actually, but was reluctant to put her up because I wanted to fix a few things, take better pictures... I let time get away from me! I really should be more pressing when it comes to things like this or it'll just fall off my list of things to do haha.
Since a kid I've been in love with horses (which I guess most every girl is at some point? Or so I'm told) and always wanted to make an Amigurumi horse. But not just any cute horse.
I love the ones that are pudgy or simplified, but I didn't want that to be me for this. It was way more of a challenge for me to try and make it stand and look like a horse with the same proportions.
Ah! But I'm being wordy. Here's Ceres, my first (of MANY I assure you!) Amigurumi horse!

I really put a lot of effort into shaping her legs and body, though the body needs a LOT of work and the legs are a bit wonky. Standing was alright before the saddle and stuff, but after that it got too heavy. I bought some white pipecleaners to use in the next one to give added support. They're surprisingly sturdy on their own, though...
Her back legs aren't joined to the body, but rather the back legs form the thighs, which join to each other, and then the body stops at the stomach and is joined there. Can you tell?

The mane and tail were fun :3 I used the fluff technique that I've fallen in love with (it makes things so FUZZY CUTE!).
Not very happy with her saddle and accoutrements, but that's okay. In case you're wondering what the yellow things are, I put felt stars (and a moon on her tail) and gold ribbon throughout her hair. Ceres is the dwarf planet near Earth.

So as not to fill up the page with pics, there's more at my Flickr stream including detailed pics of her legs.

I've done a few more things since then, believe it or not. Here's to a resolution (in the middle of the year, what?) to being more prompt about things!


  1. It is really nice ! I love it ! Do you have a pattern for it ?



  2. I really love it. Do you have the pattern fot it? thanks