Thursday, December 17, 2009

WIPs, Christmas, and a Crochet-along!

Last year with some Christmas money, I bought myself a wonderful crochet book called "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton. I must tell you, I LOVE this book! I don't buy books on any sort of craft very often (I rely on the Internet, the Library, and my own trial and error usually), however this book is simply one of the best I've read.

Her designs are really great, and she provides a ton of a helpful suggestions with colour, arrangement, matching blocks, and other things like specific stitches and such.

This brings me to the Crochet-along Let's Make 7, wherein you crochet 7 specified blocks before the end of January! Should I start another project with all the things (including PRESENTS) that I have going on? Probably not.
Am I going to anyways? You betcher hook.
Here's where the info is at. If you can get this book and want to just crochet some fun blocks to use for a cushion or later on, a blanket, go for it!
The Flickr group is here:

Speaking of Christmas presents, boy do I get myself into things (see above). I really enjoy it though, so I guess that's okay.
I'm only crocheting a few presents total; one isn't even if or Christmas! It's for my sister's birthday which falls four days after (she usually gets hers combined :< ). At the risk of my hard work going to naught for her finding out, I won't say it just yet, but rather say it's in the fall issue of Interweave Crochet magazine.

And WIPs! Many of them! Let's see, so far I'm working on a Free Spirit doll, from the pattern by the most excellent Beth of By Hook, By Hand. That's been in the works for... months, actually. *ashamed*
There's Kamden's Elephant, who is 85% completed. I'm still working on the ears, they're giving me trouble. I don't like anything I've come up with thus far. However after that, he should be done quickly! The initial purpose of the design was to make a stuffed elephant for a friend's new nephew.
During this summer (yes! The SUMMER) I made a fox design that I was really rather attached to, and even went so far as to start making a duplicate to test the pattern but... well you know the story. It's on my list!

Here I dig myself all these crafty holes, yet somehow, I enjoy it :/ <3