Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our State Fair is a great state fair~

*hums showtunes*
So much! In the next two weeks, so busy!
I've started school, so that's part of it. My schedule at work changed two times in the past week, and it'll change again soon. It's confusing, because I have two schedules to remember; they change every other week due to mandated furlough.
Then, the state fair! The Alaska State Fair is the biggest event of the year, there's so much to do! I'm going up both this weekend and next.
Friends have been coming here and back from their various schools too, and that's been fun.
But even then, I've found time to crochet! I'll post as soon as I can take pictures (one piece I've had for a few weeks or more -_-;; I need to try harder at the whole "taking pictures quickly" thing! Perseverance, fortitude...), including a pattern for everyone!
A major update before another lull? I hope not.

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