Monday, March 29, 2010


Onirigi purse by you.
Tasty and delicious, now in purse form!
Recently, right before the local anime and manga convention (aka, when I'm going psycho either trying to finish art or costumes), my friend and I were chatting about a bento we were going to work on. I never ended up getting to make mine, but I figure this counts.
I told her, a fellow crocheter, she should make an onigiri bag. She refused!
So I picked up yarn and whipped this up for her instead XD

The strap turned out longer than I would've liked, but oh well. It's got a little metal ring (the keychain sort) on either side to separate the strap from the onigiri bag itself. The bag was crocheted in one solid piece, with the nori (black seaweed) separate and sewn on, along with the umeboshi (red pickled plum). I personally love the umeboshi; it's cute AND functional, since it serves as a sort of nob for the loop to hold the bag closed. The purse is small already so it didn't seem like that big of a deal, but it helps. I made it have sort of a ledge thing but if I made it again, I would make it more defined to it retains the tension on the loop better. Ah, listen to me rant.
Inside Onigiri Purse by you.
The inside, lined with fleece. Not really SUPER necessary, it's already a small bag, but it made it look more finished and put together. Also provides security XD

My dad insisited on "modeling" it haha. It's really not that big, but just big enough to be cute XD

On the home front, I'm still busy with school and work among other things, but I try to crochet when I can. Here's to more yarnage!
(I have no idea wtf that means.)