Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm still alive and still crocheting! I haven't blogged for these months mostly because I've been focusing on other things, like work and school. However I'm swinging back around to more crochet, to include writing up the pattern for my Murky!
Amigurumi Murky closeup
Yes, I am finally at the point where this is being worked on :D Updates to follow shortly.
In addition, We have a new addition to our little family! My fiancee and I got a puppy, a 2 month old rotty/doberman mix we named Taika, and she's just ridiculously adorable! A little dumb, but cute<3
I have other things I'll be posting as well. Since I kind of obsessivly craft all different kinds of things, it would follow suite that I post more than crochet, so I want to.
Now, gettin' myself to work!