Saturday, April 25, 2009

On a different note

I'm currently working on a secret project, crochet-wise. I say secret, it's not a huge thing but a present for someone and I'm so bad at keeping hints to myself that if I just don't say anything, it should remain a suprise haha.
I hope to someday be good enough to put up patterns of some of the things I make, so we'll see how that goes.
The main news, however, is Cindy!
I welcome Cindy (or Sandy) the 7-month old stray golden retriever to our family! <3 AH she's so cute! She's an enormous pile of fluff and grins and cuddles.
So here's to puppies :3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maura, amigurumi doll of cute-flower-ness!

Since I started amigurumi, I've been making animals. I love animals and they're tons of fun, but I've always wanted to work on a doll. So the past few days, for a few hours each day, I've been writing up, erasing, re-writing, drafting and crocheting up a pattern for this girl, who I named Maura. It finally all came together! I think she looks okay, if I do say so myself...
(except for the blurriness, please pardon! I'm working on that. My camera is a dorkfish >: )

<3! I didn't do much with her face, mostly because I was trying to figure everything else out first, but I love the way her dress came out! That was a random quarter-yard I bought at a fabric store just for the heck of it haha. Her eyes aren't actually safety eyes, since I can't really buy them up here and don't like ordering a lot of craft stuff online (I guess I like to hold it in my hand first... is that weird?). They're just black plastic beads, which come in TONS of sizes and are really versatile, and inexpensive!

The hair was really fun, too, because I'd never done anything like that before. I made a skullcap and sewed it all on, and it seemed to work really well. (I'm not quite sure why I chose blue...)
Ah, and her feet. She seems to have two toes? Well that's on purpose, for her at least, because I knew I wanted her to have flip-flops. However, for another doll I would probably just make it one solid foot. She has fingers, though! That was fun~

I hope you like her!

Monday, April 20, 2009

An introduction!

It's usually the way to start off something new isn't it? Haha.
I decided to start a craft blog for a number of reasons, mostly because it'll help keep me on track, and I want to share what I come up with.
So greetings! I'm Claire, or Piston as it may go. I live in Alaska, am a major geek, and love almost anything crafty <3 Amigurumi struck me as one of the most awesome things ever when I saw it, I got so excited haha. I've been crocheting (ami included) consistently for about... half a year I'd say. I've been drawing much longer than that.

I hope you enjoy my creations, and I look forward to any comments or tips you may have!

Hrm, to wrap up, maybe I should let you know a bit more about me?
Allright then!
A somewhat unorthodox introduction conclusion!

Piston's List of Five Random Facts About Meself
1. I can't sleep with socks on. It freaks me out.
2. I took tap dancing for a little bit when I was a small kid.
3. Watermelon is awesome, but watermelon flavoured stuff NEVER tastes like watermelon!
4. I like peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (no really! they're delicious! try 'em)
5. I spray painted the Hylian Crest on the hood of my car (yes in gold, my car's green. His name is Ganon, and he acts like him, too!)