Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Completed Jacket!

It's done it's done it's dooooone*hearts* For the past... two months, ish, (less?) I've been working on the Curried Cable Jacket from the fall issue of last years' Interweave Crochet magazine.
Pretty na? Now my didn't turn out exactly the same, but that's just fine I suppose haha. I used a darker wool, and made it a larger size than strictly necessary to allow for shrinkage since we live in snow. It's bound to happen. Let's see... this is maybe the second or third pattern for crochet I've ever followed. :/ Am I a rebel? Guess I just don't like to follow patterns very much if I can figure it out on my own.

Pros: learned cabeling, a new form of ribbing, made my largest project and first nonhat nonmitten wearable crochet item :3
Cons: zipperrrrrr. It wouldn't behave despite ripping that thing out two or three times. The crochet fabric kept stretching out despite my best efforts and resulting in sort of a ... bubbled look. The zipper cover helps a bit though.

All in all, this project was super fun, and my sister really liked it which of course was my primary focus. :D

On the project list is the crochet blocks crochet-along, an ami that's been sitting here for three months ALMOST complete (poor guy! er gal. er guy. not sure yet.) and a few other things that I just...plan to do. Also my Free Spirit doll.

I made some mittens for a friend of mine but failed to take pictures before I gave them to her, so I'll ask her to do that X3