Friday, September 23, 2011

... and we're back!

And better than ever!
After a long but fruitful haitus, wherein the author gets married and moves among other things, Carousel has returned with much to talk about!
You can count on updates every Monday, with posts on crafts and projects, crafty obsessions, patterns, pictures and more! Plus, I'll be revamping and filling a Carousel Etsy store with the products from everything! Old patterns are in the works of being written and updated, with many new patterns to come.

Nothing huge today, except to open to the topic of freezer paper stenciling. Even though I learned a lot of crafty things as a kid, I hadn't even heard of this until recently! For those who don't know, freezer paper stenciling is a technique where you take an image and reproduce it on cloth (tshirts, bags, etc) by ironing freezer paper with the design on, and paining in cut-out portions of it like a normal stencil. You can then rip the paper right off to reveal a clean-cut design!
Needless to say, I went nuts over this.
Strawberry Bunny
-My second shirt-
Not only have I been making all kinds of shirts, but I streamlined the process even more, because I have this weird need to do that sort of thing.
Maneki Neko
Chinese Dragon
-more designs I made up to play with-
Avatar Bender Elements
-Fanart shirts! The possibilities are ENDLESS, and you can get some really cool results-

So Monday I'll be dishing on that as well as posting some of my favourite resources!

Tomorrow, I'll be heading to our local Anchorage convention, Senshicon! It's a fantastic time, and I'm going to be having a booth there with loads of tshirts, raver kandi, manga, and art and tshirt commissions! It's a two day event, and always fun, so I can't wait :D

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