Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Knot tutorial and Elvis

This year at the Fair, I bought myself a tiger marionette. There's a lady who sells them made out of pom poms, and they're so fluffy and cute... I fell in love with him right away.
His name is Elvis, due to a humorous thing with a friend of mine just beforehand (she got herself a Hippo marionette as well and named him Presley).

It's so hard to not play with him, whenever I look at him I wanna make him dance around! Or climb things or hold things or shake hands...
My dogs really aren't quite sure what to make of him.

Also, I was asked by someone to clarify how I tie the knots when using yarn scraps for the ScrapCats, so I made a little tutorial. I hope it helps anyone who needs it! You can find the large version here.

And now, to go and try hard not to get distracted by crochet. For I have a Japanese test tomorrow, and really need to study! XD

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